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For my English speaking friends. Please share

For my English speaking friends. Please share

“USSR is a corpse of a giant ogre, who, though dead, was never buried. He’s just lying there, in Russia, rotting and giving off a putrid odor. You can’t hide from it. Say, you go to your girlfriend’s nice apartment, carrying flowers and cake, and, though the windows are closed, you can still That ugly soviet smell”. This is a rough quote from Vladimir Sorokin’s interview from 10 years ago.

Now Russia has put on this corpse as a costume, looking like an ugly, stinky, toxic Frankenstein made of an old empire, Soviet ideology and corruption.

The current conflict is not a matter of land and resources. It’s also not a matter of language and cultury. It’s a conflict of dictatorship and democracy, of past and future, of fear and freedom.

“It’s all up to one person, his mood defines it all. He is sitting in the Kremlin, having lost all ties with reality”, I hear these words every day, repeated like a mantra.

The problem is that a lot of people, even among the Russian creative class, are totally OK with this strict vertical imperial system. The Tsar seems cool, strong, and “Crimea is ours”. The tsar is a smooth talker and he can crack a joke. The idea of “blowing the fuck up Kyiv or Washington” looks appealing – because aggression and empire is feels sexy. People who think this way make up the majority!

Russia’s “recognition” of LPR and DPR yesterday wasn’t signed by Putin alone – it was signed by tens of millions of Russian citizens.

Those who don’t agree are silent. It’s a necessary modern skill – to live in an authoritarian aggressor state and act like you, or your family, have nothing to do with it.

But “a restaurant to the left – and arrest to the right” (the phrase I saw in a post by a talented Russian photographer who fled the country recently) means that when you live in a police state, it’s only a matter of time when it’s you who gets arrested.

Those people who are not silent get popped – like pimples. They go behind bars or are forced to leave.

I pay enormous respect to those from Russia and Belarus who came out to protest. Who tried to speak out and tell the truth, and faced courts, prisons, persecution and were forced to flee. You are true heroes. And I hope there are more of you in the future.

Being free is a choice, and we make that choice, each of us for himself, with no connection to geography, comfort, income and circumstance.

All these historical recollections and talks about fatal flaws of 1989 are a bunch of KGB propaganda crap.

Russia cannot realize, accept and believe that we in Ukraine are, in fact, very different. They have tsars and fear imprinted into their DNA. We have freedom in ours.

Ukraine has already justified itself as a state and a nation. We are 1500 years old, but we are a startup. We have an incredible future ahead of us. And we get stronger with every threat, with every step Russia takes towards our independence.

You can’t perform an abortion 30 years after the conception. It would be called a murder. Because the child has grown up and will fight you. The point of no return was passed.

Freedom is a choice we made in Ukraine in 1991, in 2004, in 2014. We make this choice daily. Once you try living free, you can’t live any other way.

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