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Zoya Kazanzhy

My attitude to Poroshenko is very pragmatic

My attitude to Poroshenko is very pragmatic

It's kind of weird for me to read accusations of love for Poroshenko. It's like: well, you love him! For example, I have someone to love. And why the heck Poroshenko need my love?  I'll tell you more - Poroshenko fired me once. No, not from Roshen. And I, having voted for him in 2014 without an alternative, already had an alternative in 2019. I had an alternative until I realized that the clownish grimaces of a not very smart guy would not end well. And it was no longer about politics, it was not about democratic choice among many candidates.

When technologies rocks and they are in the service of offended oligarchs, it does not end well for the country. "Give me the first button of the country and I will make a stool president." When technology is run and they are on the payroll of offended oligarchs, it does not end well for the country. "Give me the first button of the country and I will make a stool president."

The oligarchs are not interested in development. They live by margin. And they are squeezing resources. Well, in short - this is another topic and not here.

So, my attitude to Poroshenko is very pragmatic. And quite tough. I have seen and know the weak points. Just like he is chosen by people I respect and I listen to their opinions and arguments.

I had been at a meeting with Poroshenko, 2 weeks before the second round of the last presidential elections. The meeting was not pleasant, especially for Poroshenko. And it was clear to almost everyone that he was losing the election.

It seemed to me that had begun to evaluate events, people, circumstances and other differently, only shortly before the end of his term. Too late, unfortunately, it was too late.

I have my own personal history of relationship with Poroshenko. I don't have stardom disease, but he knows me ?. So, there were two cases (one before the presidency and one after) when it was difficult for him to fulfill the agreements. But he's done it, contrary to his interests. I appreciated it. Many of us perceive people through the prism of their attitude toward us. So am I.

And Zelensky is following Yanukovych's path even faster than I thought. If he does not escape, he will go to prison. He is still most concerned about Poroshenko's release, at a time when the world is concerned about the high chance of an attack by the Russian Federation. Because Zelensky is an insecure, vindictive and intellectually quite limited man, whom we have the misfortune to see in the highest state position, for now.

Photo by Mykhailo Palinchak. It was sent to journalist Bohdan Kutepov by his wife with the words: "He loves her." And Bogdan wrote a post and noted that this phrase was written to him by a person he trusts in matters of love.

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