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Mykhailo Tkach

The President himself demonstrates Gogilashvili's example

The President himself demonstrates Gogilashvili's example

There is a critical mass of the silver spooners who came to power because they are relatives of people, who are close to President Zelensky. I will not reveal any truth to the President when I say that this is why these people value their position and status much more than their duties and responsibilities, which this position and status are imposed on them.

But such an example is shown to all of them by the President himself. If the President allows himself to say to a journalist, live on television "I'm the president, Misha!", then why can't the husband of the presidential secretary be allowed to humiliate subordinates, who just did their job and guarded equal rules for all without exception not live on television?

Haven't you noticed that the situation with the Deputy Minister of the Interior is developing in the same way as with the head of Ukreximbank Metzger? Everything is clear on video. But Gogilashvili is "a good guy" even more than Minister Monastyrsky. And so the minister begins to slow down. Temporarily suspends individuals from work. Promises to investigate. What internal investigation is possible against the husband of the President's Secretary? Instead of thanking the policemen for conscientious work, now they will be" nightmarize". We all understand that, don't we?

And these nouveau riche in armor with coupons are just another heroes of the "Godfather" era. They must be treated with respect. And what to respect? For being the husband of President Zelensky's secretary?

"I came out to you." Wow, honor. Thank you very much!

And Mr. Gogilashvili's action is not just the "excessive emotionality" he is talking about. This is how everything is arranged in power in Ukraine. This is a cut of the President Zelensky's epoch. These are Tishchenko, Trukhin and other privileged persons. And everyone should kiss their hands, honor them, expect permission from them to exhale.

They are not servants of the people - they are servants of posts.


In Europe, of which you speak so often from your high rostrum, gentlemen, Gogilashvili would have left the service forever. But we have much more in common with the Communist Party, as one statesman said, so he will just bow and be placed somewhere in a warm place until the end of his term. "We came up together - we left together," said another.

“The window does not roll down in the armor! Didn't you know ?! ” I knew. All the policemans were given bicycles like you, relatives of "persons close to the emperor."

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