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Vladyslav Chechetkin

Let's get out of this dead loop

Let's get out of this dead loop

I have always believed that vaccination is a personal matter for every person and was not going to speak out on this topic. But Ukraine is so swiftly rolling into the abyss, that it is no longer possible to be silent.

A year ago, in 2020, we could only wear masks, wash our hands, keep our distance and believe in a miracle. We could only hope that everything will go away by itself. But in 2021 we have got an opportunity to get vaccinated and not rely on chance or luck.

The country is moving into the red zone rapidly, there is no oxygen in hospitals, and intensive care units are overcrowded. I look at the number of vaccinations in Ukraine and I am scared.

Yesterday, parents of two of my comrades died, an hour ago a very young guy I knew died, and all this in one day. Terrible tragedies take place not somewhere far away, but within arm’s reach.

I don't ask you for something often, but now I am asking you from the bottom of my heart. Get vaccinated! Vaccines from any manufacturer are available and free, have proven themselves well enough and have saved many lives.

Our family, our loved ones, friends - they all are vaccinated.

Let's get out of this dead loop. Let's be aware of the values ​​of our lifes now, not wearing an oxygen mask!

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